The ABC affiliate in Denver probably would like the opportunity to go back in time following this epic on air gaffe.  Instead of calling Paula Broadwell’s biography of former CIA director David Petraeus by its correct title, “All In,” ABC Denver called Petraeus’ biography: “All Up In My Snatch.”   You can’t make this stuff up, and whoever put that in there probably will be taking quite a long vacation for going in on the former Director’s checkered past.  The local affiliate confirmed that it was an unfortunate mistake.

According to 7NEWS, it was an honest mistake, but a bad one:

However, when the 7NEWS reporter went on the Internet to get an image of the book cover, the reporter mistakenly grabbed a Photoshopped image that said, “All Up In My Snatch.”

“It was a mistake,” said KMGH-TV News Director Jeff Harris.

“It was a regrettable and an embarrassing error. We are mortified this appeared during our 5 p.m. news broadcast. The editor pulled the image of the book cover from the Internet without realizing it had been doctored. We sincerely regret the error and have corrected the story to avoid any recurrence of its broadcast. We are following up internally as well to avoid a repeat of this inexcusable oversight,” Harris said.

via Weekly Standard