Mike Vick was asked today by CSN Philly about the incredibly ridiculous rant given by his brother on Twitter yesterday while Mike was playing Monday Night Football, and it caught him by surprise.  I find it hard to believe that he didn’t realize that it happened as it spread through the internet quite quickly, but I will say that he handled the question quite well.

“He tweeted that during the game? I’m sorry. I’m unaware of that. “That’s something I’m really going to have to address once I leave here. We’re out there fighting as hard as we can, giving it everything we’ve got, and that’s certainly not the case. I love each and every guy in that locker room, and if I could make every play right I would. I know they would do the same, so that’s certainly not the case.”

You can check out Marcus’ rant HERE, and if you were Mike Vick you could see how you would be fairly disappointed and embarrassed.

Marcus did apologize, but when it was a case of too little, too late.