Jimmy Kruyne is the man behind the horse mask who in just a few hours has joined the ranks of internet glory with his brilliant videobomb of a NBC news cast this Monday morning in NW D.C..   Cosby Sweaters was lucky enough to track down and get some time with the latest internet sensation to learn a little about the man behind the mask.

Tell us a little about yourself that we maybe couldn’t have figured out form the news clip that has gone viral (name, age, what do you do, etc…)
My name is Jimmy, 27, assistant account executive at an interactive branding agency. I’m pretty sure when I grow up that I will be the embodiment of Phil Dunphy from Modern Family.

Why did you choose a Sarah Jessica Parker mask?
Ohh ouch. That reminds me, I have to DVR Hocus Pocus this Halloween. As to why I chose it? First thing I saw as I ran out the door.

Does he expect to ride it out, so to speak?

I hope to but I’ve had some pretty bad night-mares about this storm.

What are your plans for Halloween?

No plans. Eat everyone’s left over candy corn?

Do you want to start something like Forrest Gump did, where people follow him religiously?

Nope, I have no prophetic messages to dole out. If I did have followers I would tell them to not take life so seriously.

If you had the chance to be on TV again and could carry one sign, what would the sign say?

“Someone please pay for my wedding.” I’m sure there is a kind soul out there who would be willing to do that.

Why the long face?

Have you seen this storm? And have you seen what the previous storms have done to this neighborhood? If I had a card, I’d be worried it’s going to float away or have a tree limb through it by the end of the week.

Are you planning any more videobombs?

I love a good video/photobomb, it’s an art and can’t be forced. You just always have to be prepared. If the opportunity presents itself, I will be there.

How often are you jogging these days with a horse head mask?

If you didnt notice, I’m a little bit soft around the whole body area so I dont do much jogging to begin with. Had I known this was going to go viral I would have drawn on some pecs and a six pack.

What are a few of your favorite websites currently?

Obviously Cosby Sweaters but I spend a lot of time on Reddit and Deadspin.