Sometimes it is great to have a corporate card, and sometimes it can backfire pretty significantly like it did for Mizzou director of video operations Michael Schumacher. Schumacher was busted when a recent audit of business expenses revealed bills for more than $7,600 from a Las Vegas strip club.

According to Arkansas Sports 360:

Department spokesman Chad Moller said Tuesday that director of video operations Michael Schumacher had repaid $7,605.50 for two credit charges from a May 5, 2011, visit to Olympic Garden. One of the charges included a $2,000 tip on a $4,400 bill at a nightclub billed as the “only Vegas strip club on the Strip.”

Schumacher was representing Mizzou at a professional conference but traveled alone, Moller said. He said “responsive and appropriate disciplinary action was taken,” but that he was unable to elaborate on a personnel matter. Schumacher did not respond to several messages left at his home and campus office.

There are plenty of other instances which got flagged that you can read about HERE, but leaving a $2k tip at a strip club warranted the write-up.