A Rabbit Punch has two meanings, both of which describe the nature of the article. 1. A series of fast punches. 2. An illegal punch to the back of the head between the skull and the first vertebrate that can cause permanent damage to the nerves or death.


6 teams were on bye this week in the NFL. By not playing, Atlanta, Denver, Kansas City, Miami, Philadelphia, and San Diego all got to feel what would be like to be an NHL or NBA player.

With Halloween coming up in a matter of days some players tried out their costumes this week in the NFL. Based on this week’s performance, it appears that both Drew Brees and Aaron Rodgers will be dressing up as the 2011 versions of themselves for Halloween.

In relevant fantasy news, Jacksonville Jaguars RB Maurice Jones-Drew left the game with a foot injury and was on crutches in the second half. In irrelevant NFL news, Blaine Gabbert was also injured in this game.

The Minnesota Vikings improve to 5-2 with a win over the Cardinals. This was a huge win for Minnesota fans as it comes on the same day as their hearts were broken by a MN Lynx WNBA Finals loss.

Chris Johnson sliced up the Bills defense with a huge game. However with as bad as the Bills’ defense has been, this says about as much about Johnson outlook going forward as a Presidential debate answer.

Andrew Luck and the Indianapolis Colts already have one more win than they did last season. I cannot resist the urge. It turns out the old adage was wrong- In Indianapolis, its not better to be lucky than good, it is better to be Luck-y when you’re bad.

Houston Texans dominated a depleted Ravens team. It turns out that Ray Lewis is exactly as good and as influential as everyone has always thought he is.

The Cowboys move past the Carolina Panthers as Cam Newton struggles to come to terms with the fact that he is just not going to win in Carolina.

Charles Woodson sustained a broken collarbone and will be out 6 weeks. This is a huge blow to the Packers already suspect defense. If you have forgotten how much of a difference Woodson can make on the field, just remind yourself that he won the Heisman Trophy without playing Quarter Back.

Brady Quinn will start over Matt Cassel next week. Finally I can finish my workout with an EAS Myoplex.

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