According to the Columbia Tribune, Nick Saban was none too pleased when Alabama defensive lineman LaMichael Fanning suplexed Missouri’s tailback Russell Hansbrough. The article goes on to explain how a simple apology of words wasn’t enough. All of this is courtesy of Missouri head coach Gary Pinkel’s latest press conference and The Big Lead:

Alabama Coach Nick Saban called Pinkel on Sunday to apologize for defensive lineman LaMichael Fanning’s suplex of tailback Russell Hansbrough in the fourth quarter, a play that drew a 15-yard personal foul. (Pinkel described the tackle as a “body slam.”) He said Fanning also emailed an apology to Pinkel and asked that it be forwarded to Hansbrough. Pinkel said he told Saban the apology was unnecessary but added, “It could have been remarkably serious.” Nonetheless, as of this afternoon Fanning was still using a photo of the play as his background image on Twitter. As of 1 p.m., the Southeastern Conference had not announced any sort of punishment for Fanning.