Leave it up to the folks at Red Bull to turn one of the world’s most historic places into an action sports paradise. The Basilica Cistern, constructed in the 6th century, lies beneath the city of Istanbul and is about 105,000 square feet, making it capable of holding over 20,000,000 gallons of water.

Nowadays, the water it holds has a depth of about one foot, which makes it a perfect spot to set up a winch and let two of the world’s top wakeboarders, Frederic Von Osten and Dominik Gührsdo, do what they do best.

The lighting and rustic columns make for a pretty incredible backdrop.


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The 1500-year-old Basilica Cistern also called Basilica Palace hosted Frederic Von Osten and Dominik Gührs, two of the best wakeboard athletes in the world. The two Germans rode their wakeboards between historical columns and worked their magic for this special project.