As if the replacement refs in the NFL were catching enough flak already. Go ahead and add this to the list of reasons why the NFL needs to just pay the real refs and get these fans-turned-officials out of here. Philadelphia Eagles running back LeSean McCoy told 94WIP’s Anthony Gargano and Ike Reese on the 94WIP Player’s Lounge that the refs were like “fans” stating that one ref even told McCoy he needs to play better because the ref had McCoy on his fantasy team.

“They’re like fans, kind of though,” McCoy said. “I’ll be honest, they’re like fans. One of the refs was talking about his fantasy team, like ‘McCoy, come on, I need you for my fantasy,’ ahhh, what?!”

He went on to describe a later incident where Ray Lewis tried to intimidate one of the replacement officials and it scared to ref.

“During the game, they made like a bad call or something, the ref, and I see Ray Lewis like pump his chest up, trying to scare him,” He said. “(and) Don’t you know [the ref] started stuttering? I’m like ‘what’s this?!’”

This is not a good look for the NFL and Goodell will not be happy upon hearing this news. Everybody knows these replacement refs are not doing the best job, and Steve Young, Trent Dilfer and Bill Polian voiced their opinions on the situation after last night’s Monday Night Football game between the Atlanta Falcons and the Denver Broncos. Steve Young said it best when he said plain and simply, “the NFL does not care,” about the situation because it is not having an affect on the demand for the game.

Here’s the video of the panel adding their thoughts:


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