A federal judge has ruled that Floyd Mayweather Jr. must pay more than $113,000 because he did not sit for a deposition filed against him by Manny Pacquiao for defamation.

Pac-man claims that Mayweather defamed him by telling media that Pacquiao uses PEDs. Mayweather was supposed to sit for the deposition between June and October of last year, but, in typical Money Mayweather fasion, he never showed. Mayweather claimed he was “too busy training,” yet Pacquiao’s camp have told the court that Mayweather was actually out partying.

     “Mayweather decided that he, not the court, would determine if and when his deposition would take place,” according to the motion. “Busy living the ‘luxurious lifestyle non-stop,’ ‘pour[ing] champagne for [his] friends,’ and keeping the company of ‘attractive women,’ Mayweather refused to be deposed. He disobeyed properly served deposition notices, filed specious ’emergency’ motions, openly defied this court’s order directing him to appear, and serially misrepresented his whereabouts to Pacquiao and this court. Exposing Mayweather’s untruths was a massive – and expensive – undertaking.”

The total fee of $113,518.50 will probably make Money Mayweather laugh, considering the insane amount of money he bets on various sports teams and events every chance he gets, but hopefully this will provoke him into wanting to work out the fight everyone wants to see so he can get his money back — and then some.

[Courthouse News]