The Chicago Cubs are currently sitting with the second worst record in baseball and to add injury to insult,  just like many Northsiders, NBC just gave up hope on the lovable losers as well.  “Revolution” is a new show on NBC which debuted this past Monday night, but the background in one scene looked different than when they were first airing in the Spring.   Originally the scene features some cast members walking under a Cubs/Wrigley Field sign in 2027 which had a subtitle saying “”2012 World Series champions.”  On Monday however, NBC removed the line deeming the Cubs World Series champions.

According to the Chicago Tribune:

The premise of “Revolution” is that some mysterious force saps the planet of its electricity in 2012, bringing life as we know it to a halt. Governments are toppled. Lawlessness reigns. And, 15 years later, there is no more Major League Baseball.

You know it is real bad when a sci-fi show gives up on you.