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Woodberry Forest (Va.) high school football team had quite the emotional game this past Friday, and with good reason.  Their team may have lost but that was no bother to them, or anyone who saw the game.

Alexander’s quarterback, Jacob Rainey, who has a prosthetic right leg made a miraculous return to the field during Woodberry Forest’s 28-19 loss to Benedictine (Richmond, Va.).   Rainey had severed an artery last year in his leg during a preseason game and had to have it amputated.

According to The Daily Progress:

Rainey was not hit, and went 1 for 1 for five yards in his team’s 28-19 loss.

“It made me cry,” said Tigers coach Clinton Alexander. “I still don’t believe it. He did such a nice job. For me, he was just exorcising the demons of what happened.

“I was scared to death [seeing him in the game]. I don’t want to see anything else happen to him. I’m sure I feel half as worried as his mother. But I do feel like his mom when he is out there.”

When asked about how it felt to be back out there on the field, Rainey responded: “It felt good, I would have liked to have played a little more. It’s nice to get all of the support. I really appreciated it. They didn’t need to come out, but they did.”

If you are looking for another example of greatness brought out by sports, Rainey is a perfect example.

Photo by Clarence Thomas
Photo by Clarence Thomas


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