Andrew Wiggans is a 6’7”, 205 lbs freak of nature small forward who plays for Huntington Prep and he should be top of mind as the class of 2014 nears closer. Wiggans has already received scholarship offers from North Carolina, FSU, Syracuse and West Virginia and there are plenty more to come. This Canadian sensation owns the class of 2014 and this mixtape will show you why.

According to ESPN:

Canada has been good to the United States in the past decade when it comes to college basketball talent — from Avery Bradley to Tristan Thompson and Myck Kabongo — but the best is yet to reach the college level. Andrew Wiggins (Toronto, Ontario/Huntington Prep) is not only the best performer in the Class of 2014; he is the top overall prospect in high school basketball.

His ascension to the top spot in his class occurred last summer. Wiggins’ coronation as the top overall prospect came this summer. He is an athletic mixture of size, scoring and physical abilities that are uncommon in most 6-foot-7 wings. The son of a sprinter and former player at Florida State, Wiggins’ genetics help him leap opponents, hunt dunks and take over a game as needed. Through the Nike Elite Youth Basketball League and into the final month of summer, Wiggins consistently delivered command performances, culminating in a runner-up spot at the Peach Jam and thrilling head-to-head encounter with senior Julius Randle (Dallas/Prestonwood).

via Hoop Mixtape