Apparently the Vodka Soda wasn’t good enough, therefore we are lucky enough to have the Vodka Water drink courtesy of MCR.  I am very skeptical of this drink, but that will NOT stop me from trying one.  This seems like it could be  a very slippery slope for inexperienced drinkers.

Foodbeast gives the best description of the product we have seen yet:

New Air “Alcohol Inspired Refresher,” created by the Mckenzie River Corporation (MCR), is something like a vodka soda, only not, having gone through a “patented process” which leaves it “virtually odorless, colorless, and tasteless,” like vodka, but being malt-based rather than distilled. The result is a carbonated, mildly alcoholic (only 4% ABV) water-soda-malt-vodka hybrid that is touted to be the “first” of its kind.

According to Drink Spirits, Air comes in berry, citrus and club flavors; is highly carbonated; and is best served chilled, which helps to mask the already minimal malt-based flavoring. Best of all, since it is malt-based and each can only holds about .48 ounces of booze, you can buy it in your local grocery store right next to the beer.

Your very own can of Air will be available for purchase soon in San Francisco, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Portland and Seattle, with plans for expansion to the rest of the country—4 for $6.99 or individually for $1.74.

H/T The Daily What