This is absolutely crazy. A youth hockey coach for the UBC Hornets was caught on video tripping a couple of thirteen year-old opponents during a handshake line after his team won the championship. The video shows the coach, Martin Tremblay, blatantly sticking out his foot and tripping up the young boys, causing one to break his wrist. The coach claims to have slipped on the ice, which if you watch the video, you will see is a complete load of crap. As a former UBC Student myself, I find it especially saddening that this coach has drawn negative attention to the community in Vancouver. The good news is that it can almost be guaranteed that he won’t be allowed to step foot in the Thunderbird Arena ever again, let alone a youth hockey rink of any kind. According to Sergeant Paulena Gidda of the UBC Police, “The coach was arrested and charges will be forwarded at a later date, pending the results of the investigation.”