Dallas Mavericks’ guard Delonte West has taken to Twitter to try and lure all-star point guard Deron Williams to his hometown of Dallas. The soon-to-be free agent sent out a series of tweets  to the current Nets point guard, who will also become a free agent on Sunday, to try and explain why Dallas is the right place for Williams.



Considering West is set to be a free agent Sunday, this seems a little strange. Why would he want Williams there if he isn’t even sure he will be there next season? Maybe he knows something we don’t. There’s no telling whether this ‘recruitment’ will work, but I’m sure Mark Cuban is happy his players like him and his organization so much they do free promotions without even knowing their own future with the team.

If Deron decided to go back to his hometown and play for the Mavs, he would join fellow all-star Dirk Nowitzki and possibly Dwight Howard..? Only time will tell where Williams will end up, but one thing’s for sure – the Mavs need some youth and Deron Williams, 28, (still relatively young) is not a bad place to start.

h/t Larry Brown Sports