VINCE WILFORK #75 PATRIOTS- NT, 6-2, 325– One of my favorite players in the NFL, Wilfork is solidified as a future hall of famer as his play with the Patriots over the years has been nothing short of outstanding and commendable. Wilfork has become the perfect example of what teams are looking for in a defensive tackle. Complete with great size and strength, it is Wilforks stamina that continues to impress, with his relentless pursuit defending the run game. He even recorded a vital interception during a week 17 win versus the Chargers. With 52 total tackles, 1 forced fumbles, 3.5 sacks and yes, 2 interceptions expect continued greatness from this to be legend. 4-time pro bowler (2007, 2009, 2010, 2011) and Super Bowl Champion XXXIX

RICHARD SEYMORE #92 RAIDERS-DT, 6-6, 310 – With 12 years in the league Seymour deserves recognition as over 450 career tackles and 54.5 sacks have solidified his reputation as one of the NFL’s best. An ability to line up in multiple spot also makes him very dangerous. With only a few years left in the tank after his epic run in New England expect Seymour to leave it all on the field as a Raider. He should go down as a hall of fame candidate if he continues to play at a high level. Now he just needs some players to help him out. 7x Pro Bowler (2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2010, 2011), 3 x Super Bowl Champion (XXXVI, XXXVIII, XXXIX)


Despite a severe drop off during his sophomore campaign Suh proved to be an animal in the middle accumulating 49 solo tackles, an interception and 10 sacks during the season his rookie season in 2010.  If Suh can grow up a bit and control his emotions look for this beast to reestablish his dominance during the 2012 season, with his overtly aggressive and raw play. Suh is the best overall athlete of this group when he plays controlled football. With an impressive performance last season the Lions expect to compete within a competitive NFC North division. Having the best possible pass rush, with Suh available for play is the best possible option when having to go against QB’s such as Rodgers and Cutler. Pro Bowl (2010), AP Defensive Rookie of the Year 

KEVIN WILLIAMS #93 VIKINGS- DT, 6-5, 311- Although older the Vikings need Williams to continue to be a force and he has proven that he can do just that.  After a two game suspension at the beginning of last season, Williams had an extremely productive year once back, recording 5 sacks and compiling 38 total tackles. A very consistent inside force that is now a team leader, expect Williams to continue to hold down the D-line in the twin cities with fellow star Jerrod Allen for quite some time. 6x Pro Bowler (2004, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010)


MARCELL DAREUS #99 BILLS- DT, 6-3, 340- At only 22 Dareus had an impressive rookie campaign playing in all 16 games after he was called upon after a sudden injury. With 5.5 sacks and 32 solo tackles at 6-3, 340 Dareus has nowhere to rise but up. Will he have a sophomore slump? Transitioned quite nicely into the NFL, however expect teams to know of him this year and for his production to slip a bit. With his great size and athleticism if he stays healthy, works out hard during the remainder of the off- season and comes into camp well conditioned, look for big things. Dareus provides Buffalo what they need to succeed on the Defensive Line and fits a middle interior linemen size to a tee. 2010 BCS National Championship Defensive MVP 

GENO ATKINS #97 BENGALS- DT, 6-1, 300- One of the top youngsters in the NFL and is the big boy the Bengals need in order to solidify the defensive line going into the future. At 6-1, 300 he is a shorter and lighter than other candidates throughout this section however with his leverage he turns plays to his advantage. Shows great instincts. 7.5 sacks and 47 tackles in 2011, at 24 he has a very promising career with the Bengals making serious strides behind QB Andy Dalton. With proper technique quick hands and a few minor improvements keep an eye on Atkins in 2012. Pro Bowl (2011)


HALOTI NGATA #92 RAVENS- DT, 6-4, 330  – Has become the center-piece in a defense that includes future hall of famers such as Ray Lewis and Ed Reed. With the ability to take on several blockers at once, his presence in the middle frees up many opportunities down the field.  At 6-4, 330 Ngata’s body is one thing, but his productivity has been outstanding. One of the nastier players in the NFL. Last year he had 36 solo tackles, 5 sacks and 2 forced fumbles. Additionally Ngata has proved to be extremely versatile and is able to move around on the line. 3x Pro Bowler (2009, 2010, 2011)

BJ RAJI #90 PACKERS- DT, 6-2, 337- 

Despite appearing worn down last season Raji should find an equal balance this year as the 3-4 defense should prove to be a perfect fit. With only 22 Total tackles and 3 total sacks look for Raji to find a happy medium as the Packers are still trying to figure out the best way to use the agile 6-2, 337 pounder effectively. As the memories of his playoff interception touchdown already seem far away. Raji should be a solid anchor to a Packer’s defense out for revenge in 2012. Pro Bowl (2011), Super Bowl Champion (XLV)

CULLEN JENKINS #97 EAGLES- DT, 6-2, 305– After several successful seasons as a Green Bay Packer and a great season this past year, Jenkins agreed to a restructured contract earlier this off -season in order for Philadelphia to open up some free money. With over 5 sacks and 40 total tackles in 2011, Jenkins showed that he is the real deal even after 8 NFL seasons of ware and tare. If the Eagles are going to make a run while they have Vick at QB making sure that this interior force is happy should prove to be worth-while. Super Bowl Champion (XLV) 


DARNELL DOCKETT #90 CARDINALS- DT, 6-4, 285- Game is very well balanced and his slightly leaner  6-4, 290 pound frame gives Dockett the ability to run down plays while taking on men bigger than him. Has a relentless motor and experience, so look for Dockett to continue to perform at a high level similar to 2011 when he had 51 tackles and 3.5 sacks. Numbers are very solid given that he is playing in a mediocre defense.  If he played on a better team who knows how big of a star Dockett could be. Additionally, Darnell has shown great consistency over the years, missing only one game in 2010 after puzzling scouts with his off the field issues in college. 3x Pro Bowler (2008, 2009, 2010)


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