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Cristiano Ronaldo has been dominant in this years Euro 2012 tournament. Today, after he scored what proved to be the winning goal for his country, Portugal, he did as most players do when they score a goal and ran to the side to celebrate with the fans. On this particular celebration, however, Cristiano decides to look in the camera and yell what appeared to be, “Messi” then blow a big kiss.

Rumors have already surfaced on the internet and SB Nation is reporting that people are saying he said, “para ti” or “for you.” If you look slowly, it does kind of look like he says “Messi,” but I guess we’ll never know.

Regardless of whether or not Ronaldo did indeed take a shot at Messi, the debate for ‘best player in the world’ will continue to go on. Cristiano has been playing exceptionally well in this years tournament and after today’s victory over the Czech Republic, Ronaldo helped send his team to the semi-finals will they will face the winner of the Spain-France match.

Watch the amazing header and debatable ‘call-out’ here:

via SB Nation