In a recent match between Brazilian clubs Palmeiras and Vasco da Gama, there was a somewhat awkward, somewhat funny failed jersey exchange between Vasco striker, Eder Luis, and Pameiras defender, Marcio Araujo. At halftime between the two clubs, (which seems like a weird time to give away your jersey), Eder Luis gave his jersey to Marcio Araujo and that’s when the exchange went downhill.

Araujo did not take the jersey from Luis and then, in what reminded me of a forced, awkward situation that happens when a 13-year-old gets shut down by his crush for the first time, Luis tried to take the jersey off of Araujo’s back. (Apparently, they don’t teach the “no-means-no” rule in brazilian soccer). Araujo was having none of that and then Araujo decided he wanted Luis’ jersey, so he grabbed it from Luis’ hand. For whatever reason, the exchange did not go down as Luis had planned and he was left jersery-less heading into the locker room at half.

Watch the failed exchange, here:

via Total Pro Sports