A woman walking in an unincorporated area of Los Angeles County near Compton found a set of lungs on the sidewalk.


It’s no joke.  The woman made the discovery Sunday afternoon in the 13100 block of Avalon Boulevard, took a picture of what she found and in the evening contacted the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, said Lt. Jack DeMello of the sheriff’s Century Station.

It was the only call the department received about the organ, he said.  Personally, I would have expected more.

“It was right there on the sidewalk at the start of a driveway,” DeMello said. “You’d think someone would see someone throw it out there.”  Yes, lieutenant, you would think so.

The coroner and crime lab responded to collect the lungs and any other evidence, he said.  Blood and tissue samples will be used to determine if the lungs are human or animal.

If anyone has the cell phone pictures, please send them over.