And the violence continues at the Euro 2012 tournament. Just hours before Russia and Poland were scheduled to play in Warsaw, Poland, supporters of both sides have clashed causing riot police to be brought out. There are reports of several injuries so far and, most likely, there will be more to come.

This was a very emotionally charged match, and it was clearly visible that the two countries still have a lot of tension between each other. Men were kicking and throwing fists as flares went off in the background in what is the worst of the violence to come from the tournament thus far.

It started when a group of 5,500 Russian supporters marched through Warsaw in celebration of the 20th anniversary of Russia Day. Due to the history of Poland and Russia, many Poles felt police should not have allowed the march to happen so they took matters into their own hands.

Fans chanted: “Russia whores, Russia whores” and “Hit the red trash with a hammer, with a sickle,” reports Reuters. People lay bloodied in the streets as riot police shot tear gas and rubber bullets at the groups of hooligans.

This is more bad news coming from the Russian side as they already had an incident with Czech Republic supporters after the two countries played last Friday. The Russian Football Association will now likely face even more punishment from UEFA officials for their country’s newest embarrassment.

Video has started to surface of the violent clash. Watch what was caught on camera here:


via SI