This young lady had one too many on Sunday afternoon in Denver, and took her seat on the court for a great game.  It was at that point that the plot thickened a bit.   From the looks of the video the stroll onto the court seemed harmless enough, and even the announcers mused that maybe she dropped something and went after it.

However, The Big Lead dug in a bit more to dig up this:

Savannah McMillan-Christmas, disoriented but not intoxicated, walked onto the floor during game four of the Nuggets/Lakers series and shouted, “where’s Kenyon? Where’s Kenyon?” before being apprehended by police. McMillan-Christmas, 20, was arrested and cited for trespassing, and then her mom came and picked her up.

Marc Spears of Yahoo tweeted that McMillan-Christmas used to stalk Kenyon Martin back when he played for the Nuggets. He’s with the Clippers now. In Los Angeles. One would imagine she was pretty out of it if she was actually looking for Martin. I assume Staples Center – where the Clippers play the Grizzlies tonight – will be on high alert for McMillan-Christmas.