This video was posted by Sean Phamphilon (who was filming a film documentary at the time), who gave it to Yahoo’s Michael Silver, and it’s an edited version of Williams’ speech to his defense the day before the Saints playoff loss to the 49ers, which was his final game as a coach in for the Saints.  In the speech Williams encouraged hurting Michael Crabtree (also calls him a prima donna) and hurting their recently concussed punt returner.  He also mentioned “Kill The Head and the Body Will Die”, which was in direct reference to Frank Gore.  In short, this is ridiculous and we will never see Greg Williams in the NFL again.

Phamphilon explains:

Above is a 4 minute sample from the 12 minutes I recorded during the New Orleans Saints defensive, conducted by Greg Williams, meeting in San Francisco on Jan. 13th, 2012. This was edited for time but you can listen to it in it’s entirety by going to, and choosing “The Blog” in the drop down menu and clicking the link on the right under Resources.


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