If you don’t know about Texans and high school football, all you need to know is it’s not just football –  it’s a way of life. The newest craze in Texas high school football is coming out of Dallas, where a mammoth stadium is being built. With its $60 million price tag, the new Allen High Eagles’ stadium will seat 18,000 people and that’s not even the crazy part. The Allen Eagles stadium isn’t even the biggest high school football stadium in Texas. That belongs to San Antonio’s Alamo Stadium which seats 23,000, although it is used by multiple schools in the San Antonio area.

The new Allen Eagles stadium will only host it’s own games, making it one enormous football venue. The 5A school doesn’t just boast a larger-than-life football stadium though, it also has a 5,000 student campus and a marching band with 650 members, the largest of any high school in the nation. Needless to say, when this stadium is complete later in 2012, it will be a sight to see.


via Texas Tribune