As you know, a group of friends from my office and I decided to partake in the Cosby Sweaters 40 Day Challenge again this year, each of us giving up something near and dear to us for Lent.  Today marks the end of the first week, and the beginning is always the worst.  last year we all did pretty well.  How about in 2012?  Let’s check in (WARNING: some naughty language):


HUMPERDOODLE (fast food and bread)

1st week: This was not an easy week. I don’t know what the fuck to eat?! Skipping fast food is alright, but bread?? What the hell was I thinking?? EVERYTHING has bread! Sandwiches, Burgers, Salads with croutons (salads SUCK without croutons), soup SUCK without bread on the side. I effed myself. I went to my friend’s house this past weekend and they wanted to BBQ burgers… I had a patty… fun. This is NOT gonna be easy. 

LAMEANIE (eating pork)

This week was pretty easy…until I went camping on Saturday and was surrounded by barbecued hot dogs. Since I couldn’t have a hot dog I ate about 5 cheeseburgers. LOL. Beef is my new obsession…until the end of the Lent off! LOL.


SPICYLALA (cursing)

Well, my first week has been more difficult for me…..I already owe $30 so far, but yesterday was a day full of hope because I managed to get through the whole day without owing any more money J especially since it’s the 2nd to last day of the month. I’m feeling confident that I may be able to finish without anymore slip ups


BUSTY ST. CLAIRE (online dating and cussing)

I owe $20!   This was my Fri and Sat night because I couldn’t find a date… ONLINE! 

And this is how I have felt since whenever I had to give up MY LIFE! 



I hate my life!!! There are chips and candy everywhere. I was watching TV last night and I could swear my entire apartment smelled like cheese Cheetos. My mind is playing tricks on me. This week was especially hard because I was either extremely sleepy, drunk or hung-over. It’s hard to remember exactly what happened throughout the week but I’m 97% sure I did not cheat! Yay me! 



F*%k everyone! I hate my life….but I LOVE my Sailor Jerry. Umm…I’m going to try again with something else. This time instead of giving up something I’m going to be positive. Each day I will say 5 positive things to different people. I’ll start today. After this is posted. So I pretty much have 5 minutes to be the biggest bitch ever. LOVE it!



The first week is always the WORST when you quit smoking.  I’m a seasoned quitter so I know that the first few days are going to be little more than headaches and surliness.  Even the littlest things tended to set me off this past week, whether real or imagined…and I’m not sure which was which, really.  I still made it through without owing any money so that’s a step in the right direction!  I’m off to Hawaii for a few days starting tomorrow, however, so lord knows what’ll happen on vacation.  Hawaii is like Vegas, right?  Whatever happens there stays there?  If one of you could please confirm or deny that for me I’d appreciate it.


And there you have it, folks!  Tune in next week to see how we’re holding up!