This is unfortunate. If Dustin Penner’s unusually low stats weren’t enough to put a damper on his year, this should likely do the trick. His wife, Jessica Welch (also the ex-wife of hockey player Richard Zednik) filed for divorce after just one year of marriage citing “irreconcilable differences,” which probably just means that she has her sights set on a new NHL’er (I heard some dude named Jeff Carter just moved to the area).

I was made aware of this breaking news thanks to TMZ:

First of all, LOL. TMZ should also learn that the phrase “L.A. Kings goal scorer Dustin Penner,” is not an accurate statement. I’d prefer something along the lines of  “L.A. Kings struggling third liner and/or pancake enthusiast Dustin Penner,” but whatever. Perhaps the issues at home have been contributing to his lack of motivation this season, which would be understandable. Hopefully this was a mutual decision for the pair and he can now focus his efforts on helping the Kings make it to the playoffs.

If you feel like sitting through their extremely sappy, yet sort of adorable wedding video, then you can watch it below: