HS Senior Shaquille Johnson has built a big reputation on the interwebs and AAU circuit because of the bunnies showcased in this video leaked to YouTube yesterday:


Who knows if he can make a jump shot, but to be honest, I don’t care. He will Fathead-ize opponents and be a regular contributor to SC Top 10, causing us to make ugly faces and feel bad for the guy who just lost his manhood. He is headed to Auburn next year, a name to remember. Johnson might not even be the most feared dunker of the Class of ’12, for Shabazz Muhammad does some truly despicable things to defenders. Also has a far more well-rounded game and was the consensus #1 until Nerlens Noel reclassified from Junior to Senior status recently.  Kid is only 17 and this Hi-Top Fade will wreck havoc on D like the Feared Unibrow next year. Neither Noel nor Muhammed have committed, but both will be in the national spotlight next winter.

Fifteen other names that will make waves next season:

Isaiah Austin- Baylor (Rivals #5, ESPN #3)

Raw seven-footer but should fit well with Scott Drew’s Caliparian play. Still growing into his body, but very coordinated and athletic for his size. Austin should adopt some Worthy Goggles to improve his street cred and success with the ladies.

Steven Adams- Pittsburgh (4, 6)

Another big man still learning the game, who is from New Zealand and has only played ball for four years. Will certainly help out Dixon’s struggling Pitt team. Put up an impressive 23/10 on Noel a few weeks back.

Kyle Anderson- UCLA (2, 4)

6’8” point guard who is eerily similar to Shawn Livingston  (pre-knee destruction). Need to see more of him before I judge him, but certainly has a the full point toolkit.

Mitch McGary- Michigan (3, 22)

Lamar Odom’s game in Kevin Love’s body. Lefty but has a great right hand around the hoop. Does worry me how much he reminds me of Taylor King (yeah, who?) but diverse skills for the big man.

Anthony Bennett- Undeclared (7,7)

Another talented big man, who will shed some baby fat, bulk up, and be an absolute monster. Hails from Canada also, so that’s a plus.

Archie Goodwin and Alex Poythress– Kentucky (AG 12,15; AP 19, 16)

Two guys that you watch and realize exactly why Coach Cal signed them. They are Kentucky  players. Not quite the same bounce, but Goodwin has Westbrook-like body and athleticism. Poythress will be the perfect out-of-bounds defender for the Wildcat press. Don’t know if he can do anything but dunk, but Cal tends to get the most out of these type of guys.

Rodney Purvis, T,J, Warren and Tyler Lewis– NC State (RP 6,20; TW 23, 29; TL 55,44)

Mark Gottfried is doing some thangs. Purvis is a combo guard who finishes with DRose Power and Grace. Another re-class player originally scheduled to graduate in ’13 (I cannot ever remember hearing of a player re-class before this year).  Both Purvis and Warren are from Raleigh and staying at home to continue the rebuilding project with the Wolfpack. Warren is a Big 3/Small 4 who isn’t particularly athletic, but just gets buckets. Giving hope to all sub-six foot white guys out there, Tyler Lewis is the starting 1 at Oak Hill Academy aka Point Guard Academy (Rondo, Lawson, Jennings, etc). That’s about all you need to do to establish your rep.

Marcus Paige- UNC (41, 23)

Carolina continues exporting Iowa’s finest byproducts. A smooth, lefty point for Marshall to hand the reigns over in time. Much more of a scoring threat than K Butter though. I am pretty sure if I was left-handed I would have been at least 1.3x better at basketball.

Rasheed Sulaimon- Duke (32, 14)

Could create one of the great backcourts in recent college memory if Austin decides to stick around at least another year. It is not hard picturing these two score 70% of Duke’s points on a regular basis.

Perry Ellis- Kansas (24, 31)

I would love to see Thomas Robinson stick around and play with Ellis, but there is no way that’s happening. Similar smoothness to a fellow Perry (Jones) who hopefully doesn’t also share a Big Game-phobia.

Braxton Ogbueze- Florida (62, 47)

Has a lot going for him: Awesome name, he’s from my adopted home Charlotte, and headed to the guard-haven Gators. He’ll add even more firepower to Florida’s backcourt stable. My great regret is not seeing him live- just played his last game here in town over the weekend.

Glenn Robinson III Michigan (34, 27)

Yep, THAT Glenn Robinson. So Michigan could have Trey Burke and Lil Timmy Hardaway (assuming they stay), Baby Big Dog, McGary, and Nick Stauskus? Not quite Fab Five, but a definite Solid Squad.


Some might be busts and unnamed others will shine, but that’s the fun. Do they achieve their full potential? It’s great to see a young talent and watch their game grow. Watching this Derrick Rose video five years ago, about two months after it was released, I could see IT. Didn’t know if he would make it, but it was a promising glimpse of greatness. Youngest MVP in League history.

Nothing embodies his potential and development than 0:14-0:35 in the clip. That slow, ugly, broke jump shot that he has turned into a true strength. Then, the most incredible sequence I have ever witnessed in a high school game.

Damn I love this game.