In a day where kids are selfish IPOD listening a-holes, this act of selflessness comes as a breath of fresh air. Townsend Bulldog’s senior Troy Spurlock is a special needs high school wrestler that works hard and gives his all on the mat but has come up short in the win column during his high school wrestling career. Clancy Ludvigson(awesome last name) took notice of Spurlock’s defeats and decided that he would give Spurlock a moment to remember on Senior night by allowing Spurlock to pin him and give Spurlock the first win of his wrestling career.

With the win Spurlock says that he will stop focusing on girls and focus on his wrestling after this win since he will be getting his “championship on” in Pasadena where his team will be competing for a state title.

I Can’t believe I forgot to say this when I originally posted but Clancy Ludvigson, you are the man!

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