If you’re one of the types who doesn’t watch the Super Bowl for football, or like me, are in Central America watching on bootleg cable missing many of the national spots, then this is the place to go to see what you may have missed or watch the ads again:

Super Bowl Ads 2012

Personally I thought the ads this year were not the best, but there were a few good ones mixed in. Lots of boobs and beers and cars. Luckily we females got our fill from the H&M David Beckham Bodywear commercial….I lost where I was on the space/time continuum for the duration of that one. Luckily he didn’t open his mouth and let out his voice, which never fails to ruin it for me – he’s one that’s better seen than heard, no doubt about it.

Also loved Volkswagen’s “The Dog Strikes Back” and Sketchers’ “Go Run, Mr. Quiggly” – I’m generally a sucker for dogs with human attributes. Or just dogs wearing shoes. Or fat dogs, skinny dogs, or really any dog. I LOVE DOGS.

Chrysler’s “Client Eastwood: It’s Halftime America” touched my heart.  Clint Eastwood’s husky old man voice usually gets me feeling emo. Yes, I know it was about cars, and commercialism, but Detroit really is a place that has been affected by economic shifts in the last 60 years and I like hearing about buoyancy in that economy…..and the support of American-made products in a time when we really need to produce jobs at home.

Maybe my favorite commercial was Toyota Camry’s “It’s Reinvented” – curtains made of pizza, plants that fight crime, babies that don’t poop, ice cream cones and putting greens at the DMV?? My heart started to race a little just thinking about all of that. I would choose to reinvent David Beckham as a mute, but that’s just me. Also, props to Toyota for including a gay reference – dude at the beginning is definitely happy about his man-couch.

A few of other thoughts……SWAMP PEOPLE – YES!! Howard Stern regulating on lames with a firehose – yes!! Also, do you think there were some rednecks shedding tears over Budweiser’s spots about prohibition ending? I vote yes, absolutely.

What did you all think about the Super Bowl Ads this year? What were some of your favorites?