The latest edition of the Fan Cost Index has been released showing just how much or how little it will cost your hypothetical family of four to attend an NBA game on a team-by-team basis. Anyone can read the report and see that for your hypothetical family of four* the Knicks will cost you the most ($608.78), the Grizzlies will cost you the least ($192.80) and it’s costing everyone 4.5% more per game despite the lockout.  YAWN…

The most important section of the report deals with the one cost you really care about at a game: beer.

Just glancing over the fan cost index it’s tough to get a read on what it’s going to take to get a good buzz on next time you saunter down to the arena because while it lists per-beer prices for every team the size of those bears varies from 16 to 24 ounces [note: the 76ers apparently offer a 21 ounce beer, can this obscure size be known as a “Philly Pint” from now on?]. Luckily, The Doctor is here to help you with the as Cosby Sweaters presents the inaugural NBA Beer Cost Index.

The NBA-BCI was created through incredibly complex mathematics that took the varied beer costs and sizes per-NBA city and calibrated them all to the friendly 12oz bottle we all grew up with. Here’s we go:

Cosby Sweaters NBA Team Beer Cost Index

Between the Detroit economy and the play of the Pistons this year this somehow seems appropriate. Also shed some light on how the malice at the palace got started since beer is so cheap you can keep an extra to throw on Ron Artest.

The real losers on this list are the fans of the Raptors and Nets. It’s bad to have lost 15 or 16 games but it’s even worse when drinking fast enough to make the basketball seem decent will bankrupt you.

If you want to buy something other than beer you can scope the potential costs here.



* – Can someone explain why the ticket costs in the Fan Cost Index are based on season ticket prices but the total cost includes two hats? Is the assumption that real fans buy a new hat at every game?