Some may argue that this is one of the only positive things to have emerged from the NBA Lockout.  According to courier mail:

This morning it was revealed they want to form a basketball league of topless dancers to attract attention to the sport while the NBA saga drags on after nearly five months of crisis.

Rick’s Cabaret group’s league, consisting of dancers from their 23 clubs, has reportedly said a former NBA star will be announced next week as coach of the New York team, which will unveil its uniforms – we’re suspecting some of the most minute ever seen on a court -next week as well.

The team is evidently to to play dancers from a Minneapolis club and another from Miami with a full schedule of these game to apparently to be announced in January.

“People will be amazed when we tell them who our coach is, because he was one of the great players in the NBA,”  Gianna, no last name, a player for the New York team has reportedly said.

“The girls are really excited. We’re practically busting out of our tops. We plan to give him a really warm welcome on Tuesday.”

“I hear he’s going to have us do a workout on Tuesday in front of the press,” said Sky, the point guard for the team.

“I can’t wait to show off some of my moves.”