I am not a fan of Rebecca Black’s “Friday”.  I’m not a fan in even the slightest, least respected, basest sense of the word.  I am, however, a fan of Black Friday and the deals it presents to me once a year.  Have I ever taken advantage of them?  No.  More often than not I’m dissuaded by the “store guarantees to have three in stock” disclaimer at the bottom because I know that my post-Thanksgiving routine involves sleeping until who knows when because I’m full of turkey and liquor.

Kohl’s, the Marshall’s-like department store, has decided to use Rebecca Black’s horrible song “Friday” as a base for their starting line to holiday shopping ad.

What are your thoughts?  Do you think it’s genius because you recognize the tune or do you think it plays to the lowest common denominator in our society?  Or maybe you think it does both really well?

Watch this, Happy Thanksgiving, and let me know what you got on Black Friday while I was sleeping off twelve pounds of food intake: