Heavens.  Just look at that thing.  Much like the rib shape that McDonald’s uses to form it’s very tasty McRib patty, the Mini Piglet is a wad of pork that has been vacuum-formed to resemble the animal it once was.

Made by Illinois-based Greenfield Farms, the Mini Piglet can be purchased online for $59.12 or at Costco, it seems.

The molded meat log has quite a quirky personality too! It apparently can’t wait to be cooked up “crisp and tasty.”

Via their website:

Hello! My name is Banquet Fiesta Piglet! My middle name IS BONELESS!!! I’M EASY, just fire up the oven to 300F (I fit almost each of them). Cover me with the aluminum foil for the first 2 hours, then bake me at 350-400F for additional 1.5 hour or until golden brown. I’LL BE PERFECTLY CRISP AND TASTY. Serves from 8-12 HUNGRY GUESTS.

Thanks!  Who knew an infnat pig-shaped wad of pork could be so helpful and ready to be devoured?

I’m curious to see what the good people at Greenfield farms come up with next.  Maybe a hot dog shaped like a Dachshund?  Perhaps a donkey-shaped pinata made out of carnitas?