Deadspin successfully got their hands on 5 years worth of leaked financial data from the NCAA.  Not sure this will help anyone’s argument that players shouldn’t be paid.  The below is a large amount of money.

Deadspin broke down the documents for those of us who have a little trouble reading through financials:

And now we’re passing them along to you. Of note: the bulk of the NCAA’s revenue comes through college basketball, particularly March Madness. The NCAA brought home $636.2 million in revenue in 2008, which is one hell of a figure for essentially one month of basketball. $359 million of that went back to Division 1 schools, and nearly $230 million more went to staging championships, competitions, and programs in all three divisions. That left $26 million for the NCAA’s “management and general,” and another $24 million in profit. You’ll see also, that as of 2008, the NCAA had $356 million invested in various financial markets. The NCAA’s sitting on a lot of dough.

You can view all of the NCAA DOCUMENTS RIGHT HERE

All of this via Deadspin