If you like defense you likely didn’t care for the Rip City Basketball Classic in Portland on Sunday.  But if you miss the NBA and like seeing Kevin Durant, LaMarcus Aldridge, and their friends throwing down dunks then the 164-157 “game” was for you.

Aldridge hosted the game (although it was played at the University of Portland and not the Trailblazers home court) was headlined by LA and his fellow Texas Longhorn Kevin Durant.  The two led the way with Durant scoring 47 points and Aldridge 42.   The game included Wesley Matthews, Raymond Felton, Josh Howard, Steve Blake, T.J. Ford, Nate Robinson, Isaiah Thomas, and a host of other NBA players.

If you’ve forgotten what it looks like when NBA players are having fun (or just need a hoops fix during the lockout) here’s the top 20 dunks from the game:

Now if they could just agree to a contract…


Via OregonLive