Ben & Jerry's Dude Food

Sports entertainment website, Tauntr, released the above image of an alleged, upcoming Ben & Jerry’s variety. I’m calling BS on Tauntr and am guessing this is a stunt for them to drive traffic to their website. Hell, I guess it worked because I’m driving traffic to them now. If the image is to be believed, the Ben & Jerry’s  ice cream is inspired by a monumental movie in cinematic history, The Big Lebowski. First it was Schweddy Balls, now the ice cream duo are ready to stock grocery shelves with Dude Food. Dude Food, a combination of “White Russian Ice Cream with Chocolate Malt Bowling Balls,” would be a great tribute to The Dude from cult classic, The Big Lebowski.

UPDATE: Ben & Jerry’s “Dude Food” is fake. I was right. The graphic designer of the image, Jon Defreest, mentioned on Twitter that the design is fake. Mystery solved.