Bentley Mulsanne iPad
Bentley Mulsanne with iPad in backseat (image courtesy of Engadget)

Bentley may offer an Apple package to its fleet of high-end automobiles. The manufacturer of luxury cars demonstrated the install in its Bentley Mulsanne model. The upgrade will include one Mac mini and two iPads. The Mac mini is installed in the trunk and connected to an LCD screen that flips down and swivels from the rear ceiling between the two back seats. Two iPads are built into the rear seat trays so people in the back can punch away on the included Bluetooth keyboards. Bentley is even throwing in a Magic Trackpad so those being driven can work away on the computer.

Although Bentley is not offering the upgrade immediately, if it does become available it will cost 100,000 euros or approximately $138,580. The base price for the Bentley Mulsanne is $346,000.


[via: Engadget]