The U.S. Open hasn’t exactly gone off without a hitch so far, and today was another ding to their reputation which was exacerbated by Andy Roddick flipping out.  This is also by no means the first time Mr. Roddick has felt it necessary to act like a 3 year old to get a point across.   Due to the amount of rain in NY, the court in Louis Armstrong Stadium was apparently not all the way dried up… At least that is what Andy Roddick said.  Before Roddick’s fourth-round match against David Ferrer, Roddick decided to go in on chair umpire Carlos Bernardes regarding the poor condition of the court.  Thanks to ESPN, we are able to see the small meltdown which included a few gems from Andy.

“It’s coming up from underneath, and I’m really starting to get pissed,” Roddick said. “How hard is it to not see water? What are we doing here?”

After continuing to point out the poor court conditions to Bernardes, Roddick walked away and angrily said, “I’m baffled right now. Absolutely baffled.”

Enjoy the video below.

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via Huff