Publishers Clearing House Check

Remember Publishers Clearing House? How could you not? They’re the ones that roll up to your house in a van and hand out $1,000,000 oversized checks. They make the Tooth Fairy look like a cheap bitch. Of course instead of sacrificing a tooth under your pillow you had to subscribe to a bunch of their discounted magazine subscriptions, but come on, who wouldn’t trade a two-year committment to Dog Fancy for $1,000,000? Publishers Clearing House has decided to step up their social game by launching PCHsuperfan, a new program that gives fans of their Facebook page a chance to double their prize money. From now until December of next year PCH will give out 25 prizes between $10,000 and $1,000,000. PCH has hired two employees to monitor their Facebook presence and increase customer engagement for the new program.

[via: All Facebook]