According to KDFM Oklahoma City Thunder center Kendrick Perkins and Stephen Jackson were arrested last night in front of a Beaumont, Texas night club.

According to other sources, Celtics guard and Kendrick good buddy, Rajon Rondo was also present. From

According to MediaTakeOut.comy insiders, NBA superstars RAJON RONDO (Boston Celtics) and KENDRICK PERKINS were involved in a massive FIGHT outside of a Beaumont Texas club – located SMACK DAB in the middle of the hood.

Our insider claims that Kendrick, Rondo and a group of men were enjoying themselves inside of Rondo’s BENTLEY (yes, a Bentley at a hood club)- when they were approached by a group of GOONS. It’s not clear WHAT happened next, but MediaTakeOut.con can CONFIRM that the two groups began fighting – and KENDRICK was GETTING IT IN (he reportedly KO’d one of the HOOD dudes).

But then ISH got DANGEROUS. Someone pulled out a gun and started SHOOTING. Police arrived on the scene, but the SHOOTING CONTINUED. And police went into action PULLING GUNS, and LOCKING PEOPLE up. It was absolute MAYHEM.

It’s not clear if anyone got shot. We’re told that at least ONE of the members of KENDRICK and RONDOs crew got ARRESTED. The word on the street is that KENDRICK may have been ARRESTED ALSO. But so far we have found NO EVIDENCE that he was arrested by police!!!