A very angry David Ortiz interrupted Boston Red Sox manager Terry Francona’s press conference on Thursday and voiced his displeasure with the Fenway scorer who had revoked a supposed RBI.

The play in question came in the first inning of Boston’s 4-3 win over Cleveland, when Ortiz hit a single that resulted in 2 teammates scoring.

Chaz Scoggins who made the call to take the RBI had the following to say

“The Cleveland PR guy came over and told me their pitching coach had called him and told him that [Red Sox third base coach Tim] Bogar had put up a stop sign on Youkilis. I told him I didn’t see the stop sign and I had looked immediately to see what the coach was doing and he’d waved him home. He said, ‘Well, it’s on tape somewhere.’
“So, I went back and reviewed the NESN tape. On their replay, sure enough, you could see Bogar throw up his hands to stop Youkilis until the ball was bobbled by Kearns, and then he waved him home. It was only an instant. He never really got his hands up all the way. But clearly, his intent was to stop Youkilis, even though there were two outs, until he saw the bobble.
“At that, I felt I could not give Ortiz two RBIs on that when the intent was to stop Youkilis at third.”

via Yahoo