Are you ready to live the Lebowski life?  Now you can step into the world the Coen brothers created and reside where The Dude used to abide.

The LA home featured as The Dude’s residence in The Big Lebowski is up for sale.  For a measly $2.3 million you can drink white Russians in the bath and pee on the living room carpet every night just like Jeff Bridges.  Play your cards right and perhaps you could make love to Julianne Moore in the bedroom.

The property in Venice Beach actually includes six one-bedroom bungalows.  No word if the interpretive dance performing property manager will be included in the deal.  Fair warning that you may require more than a Ralph’s Card as ID to get a mortgage approved for the purchase.

While Jeff Bridges hasn’t commented on the sale it’s safe to speculate that regardless of how the sale goes The Dude abides.


Via LA Weekly