Why you slash?

I’ve heard of biting butts, but this is ridiculous.

Authorities in Fairfax, Virginia are on the hunt for a serial butt slasher who has attacked at least five women since Valentine’s Day.

He seems to really enjoy doing this at malls, as his first attack came outside a Champps restaurant, followed by a butt slash at Ann Taylor (presumably because the targets are bigger and easier to hit there).  He targets women in their late teens and early 20’s, distracts them and then uses a box cutter to slice their buttocks.

In June he struck twice, once in a H&M and then he preyed on a poor woman at a Marshall’s.

The most recent incident occurred at the Fair Oaks Mall, the site of two previous assaults. An 18-year-old girl was shopping for clothes at Forever XXI when a man — described as short, fat, Hispanic, and in his late 20s — bent down as if to pick up some clothes that fell off the rack.

The woman felt a prick, but dismissed it as being poked with a hangar. Then she saw blood. The pervert had sliced her, leaving an inch-and-a-half cut.  She thought that was a hanger poke?  Really?

The police have stated that they believe this is a fetish.  Hey, thanks guys!

If you’re a female who likes to shop in  malls and happens to live in or plans to visit the Fairfax area, please watch out for short, fat Hispanic men in their 20’s.  One of them may try to slice your butt.