I can without hesitation say that I do not like this guy in the video, and I probably never will.  Not much unlike this spoiled kid, the gentleman in this video flips out when he doesn’t get his way.   A few quick thoughts for this guy

1) You are a grown man, act like one

2) A Pete Rose baseball will get you how much on E-bay?  Not much.

3) You throw like a 6 year old girl

4) Why would you have uploaded this to YouTube?

Here is a little more context for you to understand what happens in the video, told from the autograph seeker:

After my success of trying and getting Bryce Harper to sign my (previously signed) Mickey Mantle baseball, I traveled to Cooperstown, NY to try and meet the elite ball players, The Hall of Famers. In travels, I stopped at a local restaurant and was actually seated close to Pete Rose’s table. I was definately surprised to see that THE PETE ROSE was in Cooperstown (Since he is not a Hall of Famer). I politely approached him after he was finished eating and as he exited the restaurant. Here is my documentation of the event.

[youtube width=”640″ height=”390″]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_zNx4giJyU4[/youtube]


via Busted Coverage