Looking for something to do this weekend?  Like supporting a good cause?  Want to face off against a professional athlete in a ‘sport’ so goofy you might actually beat him?   If you answered yes to all three then you should be headed to Channing Frye’s Kick For Kids in Portland this weekend.

While Frye may play for the Phoenix Suns he still holds onto his Blazers past.  Frye doesn’t just play some kickball, he’s looking to have a good time when he gets back with his Portland people:

Old-school kickball, costume contests and a beer garden, this is about as Portland as it gets.

I’ll be honest, that does sound pretty great.  And the guy has to do something to keep in shape during the lockout so why not cross train a little.

If any Cosby Sweaters readers are in the Portland area do us a favor and upload some pictures or videos from this thing so our resident kick ball expert Big Skeezy can comment on Channing’s form at the plate.


Via OregonLive