Conjugal visits were apparently on the menu for Plaxico Burress during his recent prison stay of nearly 2 years.  If our math skills do not deceive us, it seems like a one-year old would have been “created” while Plax was in prison.

ESPN referenced Plaxico’s one year old daughter in an article today:

Shortly after walking out of the Oneida Correctional Facility around 9 a.m. ET, Burress’ lawyer, Peter Frankel, drove the wide receiver to the nearby Lodge at the Turning Stone Resort-Casino for his emotional reunion with his wife Tiffany, his son Elijah, 4, and daughter Giovanna, 1.


Updated by one of our more astute and dickish readers:

Giovanna was born in November 2009, making her 1 yr, 8 mo old. Plaxico was sentenced September 2009 to 20 months. Check your facts kid.
(Source: 45 seconds on Wikipedia)


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