Apple OS X Lion

Apple’s next major release of its operating system dubbed OS X Lion, will be released sometime in July. Developers can get a preview of the release today which contains over 250 new features. Some of the major additions include: new multi-touch gestures, full-screen apps (like iPhoto, iMovie, and Safari), Mission Control which unifies Expose and Spaces, and the iOS-similar Launchpad application launcher.

OS X Lion also has a new system-wise Resume feature so you can get back to doing exactly where you left off, new auto-save feature similar to file versioning that automatically saves versions of documents, AirDrop peer-to-peer file sharing system, and last but not least a band new version of Apple Mail.

OS X Lion will only be available in the Mac App Store. This is a big move from the traditional DVD purchase. OS X Lion will clock in a 4GB and will cost only $29.99 for all your authorized Macs. The installation process will not require a system restart. And that is all.

[via: Apple]