BSC 2011 - Week 14

Good morning, everyone!  Week Fourteen (14!) has just ended in the BSC 2011 and it was the one we’ve been gearing up for.  We know Skeezy missed his goal of being under 300 by the time his birthday rolled around, but would the debauchery finally push him into the red for today’s weigh-in?  Let’s break it down:

After losing those two pounds last week I was still a bit upset that I seem to have stagnated despite my (mostly) best efforts.  Knowing full well that Friday the 8th was my birthday and that things would get out of hand, I decided to hit the gym as hard as I could all week…almost.  Here’s the DigiFit screen shot, with some explanation to follow:

Not as lazy as it looks

I know that looks pretty half-assed, but let me explain a couple of things to you.  As per usual, the Monday workout doesn’t show up which was a 42 minute workout that burned 605 calories.  I took Tuesday off to handle some Skeezy business and then hit it again on Wednesday.  Thursday was actually about twice as good as you see here, as my sensor stopped working halfway through the workout and I didn’t want to stop to try and fix it.  I hit the gym Friday morning before work for an hour but didn’t wear the heart monitor because I simply didn’t feel like it.  I showered at the gym and came over to the office.

I walked in to find that my desk had been decorated by the ladies I work with and they had also left cookies and candy and such on one end, enough that you could refer to it as candy mountain.  I had made a promise to myself in the beginning of the BSC 2011 that when it came time to celebrate my birthday, all bets were off.  I was going to consume whatever my heart desired.  It started that morning with a couple of pieces of strawberry marble cake, which I washed down with a sugar cookie and a Reese’s peanut butter egg (which is quite possibly the pinnacle of the Reese’s family of peanut butter products).  Around 11:30 I was expertly tricked into going to the ninth floor for the singing and the Tom Selleck birthday cake, of which I had a hearty piece.  It was then off to lunch with Wendi and her daughter Girl Baby, pictured below:


That monstrous plate you see in front of me contains the carcass of a meatloaf sandwich made using a baguette.  I opted to get cole slaw instead of fries but I did drink a Fat Tire, so at this point I was really eating like an asshole.  But it was my birthday, dammit, and I was going to do what I wanted!

A couple more cookies and some Herro Kitty Pez (not a typo) later I escaped the clutches of the office and made my way to young Kyle’s house where we were meeting everyone before going off to the bar.  Kyle made some delicious tacos which I devoured while I drank a few Newcastles.  Eventually it was time to hop into the car (we had sober people with us) and head off to the party.

The party started well and good, with me drinking beers and eating some chips and salsa.  As the night wore on so did I or, more to the point, wore down.  There’s quite a bit I don’t exactly remember, to be honest.  I drank WAY more than I should have and apparently hit the floor at one point.  I did, however, make it through the night and even saw the sun come up.  I even sang some karaoke.  Yes, I was THAT guy:

Yeah...I was that guy.


That being said, I slept until 3:00 PM on Saturday and then went and met the gang at a local sports bar where’d they’d been at it for a few hours already.  I had three monster beers and some fish and chips.  I even tossed in a nacho or two for good measure.  The night was spent out with my friend “Todd” at a couple of bars drinking more beers and having shots.  Oh, and we ate Jack in the Box and topped it off with a 7-11 run before we got home.

Sunday was the last of my birthday days, and it was spent with my good friend “Evelyn”.  She whisked me off to Malibu and Moonshadows, where we dined on the tastiest octopus, lovely scallops, freshest oysters and some fried calamari.  More beers there, but not tons.  We ended up back in Santa Monica at the Hotel Shangri La where we discovered we had one hour left for bottomless mimosas.  Yes, please!

By 7:00 PM I was home and that was that.  I was really looking forward to Monday and getting back into the groove.  What i was not looking forward to was today and the dreaded weigh-in.  But, the BSC is the BSC and I had told myself that, weight gain be damned, I was going to cast it all away for my birthday.  I did, and then it was time to pay the fiddler.  Depressed, I stepped onto the scale to discover that…

…I’d lost three pounds.  Yeah, I was just as shocked as you are.

For those of you keeping score at home, that brings my weight down to 313, which means I’ve lost 58 pounds so far.

What did I learn this weekend?  I learned that I have the best friends in the world, hands down.  Actually, I already knew that, but it’s worth saying.  I also learned that I am not as fond of the fried and bad-for-me stuff as I used to be.  I honestly felt like a damned rhino come Sunday night.  I felt bloated, fatter than I’ve felt in ages and even my skin felt terrible.  Spending a few days doing that really helped to remind me why I’m on this kick in the first place.  I’m so happy to be back with my oatmeal and chicken and greens and almonds and such and getting to the gym most days.  I actually think I’m going to start riding my bicycle to work, though that has yet to take shape.  I have to make sure my knees can take it plus I need to make a practice run or two this weekend to see just how long it takes me so I have time to hit the gym and shower before going into the office.

There you have it, folks.  Tune in next week and let’s see if I can get under 10 pounds remaining to 300!  I figure if I can lose at least 14 by the end of April I’m going to be in prime position for a stretch run into summer.