The debut of LeBron James’ animated series, “The LeBrons,” hit the web Wednesday morning. The most notable aspect is the blatant corporate sponsorship dribbled in throughout the episode. Characters are seen wearing Nike, using HP products, listening to Beats by Dre and using Bing for web searches. Keep is classy Lebron.

There are four main characters seen throughout the show: Athlete, Kid, Business and Wise. Lebron does the voiceover work for only one of the characters, Business. Wesley Jonathan does the voice-over for Kid, Alex Desert, who appeared in “Boy Meets World” voices Wise, and Dempsey Pappion does the voice for Athlete.

The first episode features Kid and a friend being chased by a pit bull dog. In order to keep the dog from harming Kid, Business enlists the help of a lion named Otis, who is voiced by Dave Fennoy. (Fennoy is the voice of ads that run before programming, among other credits.) The LeBrons are faced with a choice when Otis wants to carry out a reactionary attack on the pit bull. The message from LeBron James before the video is that two wrongs don’t make a right.

via SportingNews