Memento is a water biodegradable urn that has just won the Red Dot award (which I assume is prestigious) for its high quality design.

The Memento is an urn which is handmade from pressed recycled paper that will slowly dissolve in water over time.  Designed specifically for burials at sea, the Memento is “easily loaded from the bottom”.  I can only hope that someone ELSE does that for me.  The design allows for the Memento to float for a brief period of time before plunging into the abyss, allowing the surviving friends and family time to say a few words.

Fare the well, Grandma

It also comes with a slot on the top in which loved ones can slip notes and cards to accompany their deceased loved one into the afterlife.  Being made from pressed recycled paper, you can also tag it with your favorite dirty slogan or street gang moniker.

Personally, I love this thing.  We take up so much space and energy with our dead that this seems like a perfect way to go.