Girl drunk dialing
This is not Dominic but I'm quite sure she's saying something she later regretted.

A couple of weeks ago we told you about an iPhone app that helps you erase digital evidence of you acting like a jackass the night before. You know, like firing off a Facebook status update to let everyone know you pooped yourself [link removed]. Unfortunately for those who feel compelled to drunk dial, there’s no way to delete the embarrassing voicemail of you saying a bunch of dumb shit that you don’t remember.

Fortunately for Dominic, a chronic drunk dialer and employee of both eBay and Jamba Juice, she gets to relive every word from her stream of consciousness. Poor Dominic thought she was leaving the voicemail for a guy she met earlier that night named Ryan, but Ryan either intentionally gave her the wrong phone number or she fat-fingered the keypad. Either way, the recipient of Dominic’s voicemail decided to record it and throw it up on YouTube. That’s when the voicemail turned into an STD, spreading and solidifying itself as a permanent reminder to Dominic of the mistake she made one blurry night. Without further ado, I present to you a recording that sounds all too familiar. And a response video by a guy who just so happens to be named Ryan.